Will the alloy necklace fade? Can you take a bath with it?

The alloy necklace will fade. There will be a layer of electroplating on the surface of the alloy necklace. Ordinary wear or friction will cause the electroplating layer to fall off, so there will be color difference on the jewelry, that is, color fading. If it is an ordinary plated imitation gold without any protective layer, the color retention time will be very poor, and the color may fade around a week, or the surface of the alloy necklace may become black. The protective layer of imitation gold sealing glaze can last for several months, but it will gradually lose its original luster, leading to fading.
The chemical property of the alloy necklace itself is relatively stable, but it is inevitable that slight oxidation and discoloration will occur when it is exposed to acidic environment such as sweat for a long time. Moreover, the alloy necklace is not an anti allergic material, and people with sensitive skin should not wear it. Pay attention to maintenance during daily wear or storage. Do not wear it in the bath, and take it off when swimming, because the acidic substances exposed during bathing and swimming will make the alloy necklace fade faster.

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