What are the wearing skills of fashion necklaces?

Wearing Skills of Fashion Necklace
1. Note the curve of the neck. When we wear fashionable necklaces, we should also pay attention to the neck curve. Different people have different neck thickness and skin color, so the style of fashionable necklace they wear is different. Women with long and thin necks can choose chain shaped or silk shaped fashion necklaces to look more beautiful and exquisite; Women with short and thick necks can wear fashion necklaces with large size and exaggerated shape to show their personality.
2. Pay attention to the collocation of clothes. When we wear fashion necklaces, we should also pay attention to the color of fashion necklaces and the matching of clothes. A beautiful dress coupled with a beautiful fashion necklace is icing on the cake. If you want to show the beauty of fashion necklaces, try not to wear clothes with high collars. You can choose layered fashion necklaces with V-neck clothes to show the charm of fashion necklaces.

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